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Smart Pressure Transmitter
Direct RemoteType-Smart Level Transmitter (LFD&LED)

The series of smart transmitters have excellent stability, high accuracy and include features that facilitate easy installation, start up and minimum maintenance thereby lowering process downtime and overall cost of ownership in the long run. Autrol transmitters are equipments with analog (4/20mA- 2 wire) and digital (HART or Foundation Fieldbus) communication protocols for seamless integration with a host Control System such as DCS, PLC, SCADA, AMS, PDM and/or Hand Held Communicator (HHC). Through Digital HART Protocol one can easily acquire process measured variable, configure and modify its various Parameters (Range, Tag Name and Damping, Transfer Function, Trimming). These transmitters are equipped with an automatic temperature compensation function integrated into its advanced signal processing circuitry to ensure high reliability and performance corresponding to change of ambient temperature. 


  • Automatic Compensation of Ambient Temperature
  • Digital Communication with HART protocol, Command
  • Configuration of data with HART configurator
  • High Reageablity (100:1)
  • Continuous Self Diagnostic Function (sensor, memory, communication)