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Acoustic Portable
Mobile Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The acoustic doppler velocimeter flow meter for portable applications is ideal for temporary flow monitoring studies/surveys.Commom applications are River discharge measurements,Open Channel flow measurements,Current measurements in large pipes,Rapid multi-point current surveys,Current monitoring in water treatment plants and Hydro Power Plants studies.

It uses a complex pulse-to-pulse coherent sampling scheme that gives the instrument high precision in measurement of velocity within a very small volume a few centimeters in front of the sensor. The small sampling volume provides velocity data that can be considered as point velocities.


The advantages over mechanical meters are no moving parts, thus less maintenance required, minimal flow disturbance, velocity measurements as low as 0,005 m/s and minimum operating depth of 2 cm.The flow meter consists of a transmitter ,sensor,proprietary software and a  backpack for easy transport.The measured data is directly recieved by the transmitter which amplifies and digitizes the signals with its interanl processor on the spot.For further evaluation the signals can be transmitted wireless via WLAN to a computer.With a fully charged battery an on site operation of up to eight hours is provided. For comfortable charging the battery pack on the way ,there is a car charger available for the system.The discharge is computed graphically by summing the products of the velocity and corresponding area for a series of observations in a cross section.


A hydrostatic pressure cell as well as a temperature sensor gaurantee a high measurement accuracy for an insertion depth within a range of 0.02 to 3m and for a water temperature up to 50◦C.A propreitary user friendly software is used to easily communicate with the system and initiate operations like executing and controlling measurements.


The measurement protocol includes a summary of various settings, parameters and results so each application in the field can be customized individually. In addition it will list the measuring results in a simple clearly arranged tables and even display the velocity distribution in the cross-section in an easy to read graphic chart.The measured velocity profile can be instantly visualised ,so the results can be directly checked for plausibility.The software can be installed on any laptop for outdoor use or the HDA-Pro tablet PC with Microsoft XP or higher.It can be downloaded from the internet or installed from the included CD-ROM.



Portable Sensor Application




  • Flexible attaches to common wading rods
  • Integrated depth sensor
  • Intergrated temparature sensor
  • Simple Set-up
  • No moving parts
  • Automatic discharge calculation
  • Minimal flow disturbance
  • Measure velocities in water as shallow as 2 cm (less than 1inch)as low as 0.005m/s

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight ,rugged and waterproof
  • Less maintenance required