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Gear Type Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Medium to Large Flows

Max Machine gear type flow meters are positive displacement meters that are insensitive to high or changing viscosities. The precise mechanical action of these gear meters delivers a flow rate output linearized to within 0.3% of reading. The cavities between the gear teeth and the meter body divides the flow stream into fixed volumes. The slighter wider internal clearance on this style of meter makes them suitable for higher viscosity liquids such as adhesives, grease and thermo plastics, while their aluminum construction provides good heat transfer for elevated process temperatures.

A gear meter is an ideal choice for fuel oil measurement, hydraulic test stands, hot melt adhesives or conformal coatings.


  • Rugged high pressure design
  • 0.3% of reading accuracy
  • 100:1 turndown flow range
  • Viscosities to 100,000 cps
  • Integral transmitter with high resolution and fast signal response
  • Ideal for fuel and hydraulic test stands, oils, urethanes, coatings
  • Rugged design made to accommodate very demanding applications
  • Significantly lower pressure drops compared to other gear type flow meters