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Acoustic Current Profiler
Mobile Ultrasonic Current Profiler

The Mobile Ultrasonic Current Profiler is a flow meter that extends the capability of making flow measurements to a range of situations under which standard current meter techniques (mechanical or electromagnetic) cannot be used.The mobile Ultrasonic Current Profiler makes monitoring flow in a natural stream ,concrete channel or partially filled pipe very easy.It is able to accurately and easily  measure flow in harsh enviroments and in difficult conditions.This lightweight compact system uses a single tranducer assembly to measure the flow velocity and water level.

The system is designed to measure both ,the vector and magnitude (using twin velocity beams) of individual velocity cells (up to 128) to account for velocity variations within the flow and obtain the flow profile.A hydrostatic pressure sensor is used to measure water level and combined with the velocity profile ,calculates flow easily .

The velocity data from the two profiles are entered into an algorithm to determine a mathematical description
of  the flow velocities throughout the cross-sectional  of the flow. The result determines flow velocities at all points throughout the flow.

These results are integrated over the cross-sectional to determine the flow. The key benefit to this approach is that the system will operate accurately under different
hydraulic conditions.This eliminates the need of site- specific calibrations.

An ultrasonic transducer transmits two short pulses of  ultrasound,which travel along the measurement axis  and then switches over to receiver mode.When the ultrasonic pulses hit a small particle or air bubble in the medium, part of the ultrasonic energy scatters on the particle and echoes back.The echoes reach the transducer after a certain time. If the scattering particle is moving with a non-zero velocity into the acoustic axis of the transducer, a time delay between the two echoed signals takes place, and the measured time delay is analyzed by correlation technique for the velocity of the particle or air bubble.The flow meter measures  the  position and  velocity  of  the  particle,  and  hence  establishes  the fluid flow component in the given space point. The  basic  feature  of  the  Acoustic  Flow  Profiler is  the  ability  to  establish  the  velocity  in  many separate  space  points  along  the  measurement  axis  and  develop  the  flow  profile.Each  acoustic  beam  measures  velocity  at  multiple  points  within  the  water  column.  The  measured  velocity  data  within  each  cell  are  very  precise.This distribution  of  accurate  velocity  measurements  is  then used to determine the flow pattern over the entire cross section of flow.Since  the  flow  pattern  and  measured  velocity  distribution are dependent on each other, the flow meters advanced flow algorithms automatically adapt to changing  hydraulic  conditions  within  the  channel. This  removes  the  need  for  in-situ  calibration  and  ensures  accurate  flow  rate  measurement  over  a  host  of  different  measurement environments and hydraulic conditions.



  • Up to 5 times faster than standard single point velocity meters
  • Up to 128 measuring cells
  • ultra-light carbon wading rod

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight ,rugged and waterproof
  • Less maintenance required