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Gauge & Differential
Strain Gage Output Pressure Transducer

The D/A Pressure Transducer is designed for direct application in DC strain gage instrumentation systems which require low pressure ranges not generally available in strain gage transducers. Functionally, it is a direct replacement for a strain gage transducer, providing a 5 mV/V nominal DC output over an excitation range of 5 to 12 Vdc.

The P300D has a differential pressure transducer with symmetrical pressure cavities of stainless steel. Fluid pressures act directly on a central sensing diaphragm in a balanced variable reluctance design which eliminates the need for internal fluids to isolate transduction mechanisms such as strain gages or differential transformers from the measurand. The transducer can be disassembled for diaphragm replacement.


The P300A has an absolute pressure transducer with weld sealed stainless steel pressure and reference vacuum cavities. This unit is available in ranges as low 0.08 psia with an overpressure rating of 20 psia.


The transducer is coupled to an integrated circuit carrier emodulator which supplies 5 kHz excitation to the transducer and demodulates its output into a DC voltage linear with pressure. The input power is very low. and the output simulates that of a typical 350 ohm strain gage bridge. Screwdriver zero and span adjustments are available under the cover and connector terminals are available for use of an external calibration resistor.


  • Ranges as low as ±0.08 psi full scale
  • Differential or absolute
  • 5 to 12 Vdc Input, 5mV/V Output
  • Stainless steel pressure cavities