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High Line Pressure Transducer

The P365D transducer is designed to make low differential pressure measurements at high static line pressures. Operating from unregulated 9 to 55Vdc, the P365D is
available with 4-20mA, ± 5Vdc or isolated ± 5Vdc output over full scale pressure ranges from ± 5 to ± 10,000 psid. The output shift due to static pressure will not exceed 3%
of full scale, up to a line pressure of 12,500 psig. The P365D is ideal for flow or pressure drop measurements in high pressure hydraulic systems. Its compact design and rugged construction allow it to be used in harsh environments.

The P365D has 410SST pressure cavities, and a variety of O-ring material and plating options are available so that it may be used with corrosive liquids and gases.


1280-1002 Mating Electrical Connector


  • Low delta P range, high line pressure
  • Ranges from ± 5.0 to ± 10,000 PSI FS
  • Wet-wet capability
  • Line pressure to 12,500 psig
  • 9-55Vdc Power, ± 5Vdc output
  • Stainless steel pressure cavities