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Here are the available subcategories:

Variable Reluctance Pressure Sensor

An easy-to-replace pressure-sensing diaphragm maximizes the system’s functionality by making pressure measurements from ±2.22” H20 to ±3200 psi in one compact unit. Rugged and reliable, the transmitter  provides superior accuracy for measuring low-pressure liquids and gasses, while it withstands the abuse of field and laboratory testing

Gauge & Differential
Ultra-Low Range Measurement

The Ultra Low range Pressure Transmitters are ideally suited for measuring extremely low liquid and gas pressures in industrial applications. Full-scale differential pressure ranges from 0.10” H2O to 2” H2O with line pressure rating of 100 psig, and ranges of 2” H2O to 3200 psid with line pressures up to 3200 psig are offered. Gauge pressure ranges start at 0.10” H2O and absolute pressure from 0.08 psia full-scale. This unique design, which utilizes a diaphragm-type variable reluctance pressure sensor, provides many outstanding advantages.

Digital Pressure Transmitter

The digital differential pressure transmitter is designed for industrial pressure measurement applications. The on-board microprocessor provides high accuracy and improved stability in changing thermal environments. Communication via RS485 serial interface provides remote zero and span adjustment as well as pressure readings in engineering units. ±5 Vdc or 4-20 mA analog output included.

Gauge & Differential
Low Pressure Variable Reluctance Sensor

The Very Low Differential Pressure Transducer is designed for extremely low pressure measurement in the order of ±1 inch water column.This instrument is used extensively in connection with flow measurements where dynamic response at low flow rates is required. Dynamic line pressure effects are minimized due to the combination of low internal volume, symmetrical construction, and small volumetric displacement inherent in itsdesign.

Sensor Carrier Demodulators
High Gain Research & General Purpose Basic

The wide range of diaphragms furnished eliminates expensive stocking of several transducers and offers the versatility of the differential type bi-directional transducer at a very low cost. The broad line pressure capability of this unit makes it useful in almost every laboratory application from flow to level measurement, vacuum to 3,000 PSIG. The high output, when used with a carrier system such as the Sine Wave Carrier Demodulator or the Transducer Indicator, provides resolution equal to many secondary standard units.

Gauge & Differential
Very Low Pressure Variable Reluctance Sensor

The sensor is designed for exceedingly low differential pressure measurement applications where high accuracy is required under rough physical conditions. With full scale ranges down to ±0.008 psid (±0.56 cmH2O), this instrument is being used in the measurement of very low flow rates of gases where symmetrical pressure cavities are required for dynamic response. It is also used in very small leak detection and pressure null detection systems. 

Differential Transducer
Variable Reluctance Pressure Sensor with 17-7 PH Wetted Parts

The Differential Pressure Transducer uses 17-7 ph stainless steel as the material of construction for both the housing and diaphragm in order to provide improved long term compatibility with corrosive pressure media, such as saline solutions, sea water,etc.

10Kpsi Line Pressure Variable Reluctance Sensor,5 to 125 psid

The variable reluctance differential pressure transducer capable of operation at line pressures up to 12,500 psig. Differential pressure ranges of 5 psid to 125 psid are offered-either unidirectional or bidirectional. Features include take-apart construction enabling field maintenance, disassembly for cleaning, range changing, etc.; all stainless steel exposure to the pressure media,both ports, without the need for isolating fluids or mechanisms, very small pressure cavity volume and volumetric change for full pressure excursion coupled with a high natural frequency ensure excellent dynamic response characteristics.

Wet-Wet Pressure Transducer

The unit is a true bidirectional, Wet-Wet differential pressure transducer designed for applications where very low differential pressures are to be measured in fluid systems involving high line, or working pressures up to 5000 psig. Typical applications include core sampling studies, flow measurements in high pressure gas systems and null-sensing in hydraulic systems.

High Line Pressure Transducer

The High line differential pressure transducer is designed for medium and high pressure measurements for aircraft flight and ground test applications. The transducer offers laboratory accuracy at higher line pressure. Operating with most carrier excited systems such as the Sine Wave Carrier Demodulator, the output is ±10 Vdc.

Low Pressure Range Transducer

The Low pressure transducer is designed for pulmonary pressure and air flow measurement. The transducer may be ordered in ranges as low as ±2 CM H2O full scale, which is ideal for use with pneumatics in pulmonary flow measurement applications. The low internal cavity volume and symmetrical design of the transducer allows fast response to small pressure changes. Other pressure ranges to ±880 Cm H2O are available.

Gauge & Differential
Pressure Transducer

The Miniature Differential Pressure Transducer offers the advantages of the variable Reluctance transducers in a size that can be adapted to those applications where size and weight are critical. With its smallness come the features of low cavity volume and volumetric displacements along with the symmetrical construction, and corrosion resistance steel exposure found in the magnetic reluctance units of standard sizes.

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