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Wireless Multi-Parameter Analyzer for DO, SS, pH, or ORP sensor input

Wireless Multi-Parameter - Up to Sixteen (16) Channels.
Sensor Input; DO, TSS (MLSS), pH, ORP, Temperature

The Aysix Process Transmitter (PT2) multi-channel analyzer is a unique system that combines advanced electronics with the latest in wireless sensor technology. The analyzer will wirelessly communicate with up to sixteen (16) sensors and accepts any combination of DO, SS, pH, or ORP sensors (each also outputs temperature). The system allows for flexible and economical process monitoring and control. The system needs power, and the signal is sent wirelessly saving installation costs, cutting down on install time, and allows for flexible sensor placement.

The DO sensor does not need membranes, fill solutions,or  replaceable sensor caps thus virtually eliminating maintenance. The SS sensor is based on near infrared technology, eliminating inaccuracies caused by changes in the process color. The pH electrodes are flat glass, double reference junction with temperature compensation. The ORP electrodes are flat glass, double reference junction. Both pH and ORP electrodes feature a quick disconnect design that makes changing electrodes a snap and reduces down time due to electrode maintenance. All sensors can be automatically self-cleaned which significantly reduces maintenance and increases sensor reliability.

The PT2 has an outdoor line of sight range of up to one mile. If the PT2 is mounted indoors, the closest sensor should be within 600 feet. The PT2 and its sensors form a ZigBee compliant RF network with self-healing mesh technology. This ensures trouble-free communications. This significantly reduces installation costs as the there is no need for interconnecting cable or conduit. The backlit display can be programmed to show one, two, four, eight, or sixteen sensor readings continuously. If only one channel is displayed a trend graph of the last twenty four hours for that sensor will also be displayed. All sensor status and readings can be sent to the SCADA system or to a PLC via the two wire RS485 ModBus output. Future upgrades to the software or firmware can be easily accomplished using a standard thumb drive in the provided USB port on the main circuit board. All programming and setup is performed at the PT2 keypad with a simple menu system that easy to understand and navigate.



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  • Wireless Technology
  • Self healing network
  • Multi-perameter inputs

  • Saves installation cost and time
  • Reliable information transmission
  • Any combination of DO, SS, pH, or ORP sensors to a total of 16