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Float Switch
Magnetically Coupled

As the liquid level rises and falls, the inclination of the float is changed causing a permanent magnet in the float to be deflected which in turn repels a rotatable opposing magnet. This forced snap-action contact effect activates a micro switch.


The great variety of both the top and side mounted versions makes it easy to install the switch in any tank at any location. For the simplest level switching you can select

models with fixed hysteresis, while for level control application we offer Nivomag switches with adjustable hysteresis. Models with rubber or silicon sleeves can be applied for contaminated liquids. You can fit the Nivomag switch with an MMK type tester, to check the switching function even when the liquid levels aren’t changing


  • Special applications:Operation can be checked with (manual) tester
  • Suggested applications:Adjustable switch differential, filling-emptying control. Limit switch, high or low fail-safe switching.
  • Measurable mediums:Clean liquids with min. 0.7 kg/dm3 density, chemicals, solvents, hydrocarbons and liquified gases
  • Application restrictions:Impurities that inhibit the free movement of the float

  • Short description:Magnetic coupling float level switch without external power supply
  • Operating principle:The movement of the float is transferred through a separated magnetic coupling to the external microswitch
  • Mounting, Adjustment:Top or side
  • Setting of the switching point(s):With arm extensions and adjustable switch differential
  • Material of wetted parts:Stainless steel
  • Housing material:Alu cast
  • Ex version:Available