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Process Controller
Multichannel Process Controller

The MultiCONTunit is a universal interface between NIVELCO’s HART-capable intelligent level transmitters and the other elements of the process control system like the
PC-s, PLC-s, displays and the actuators. Besides its role as an interface, the MultiCONTensures the powering of the 2-wire transmitters likewise capable of realizing complex
control tasks. The MultiCONT unit supports communication with a maximum of 15 standard or 4 Ex ia certified NIVELCO’s HART-capable 2- and / or 4-wire transmitters.
If MultiCONT is used with NIVELCO’s MicroTREK microwave level transmitters the maximum number of transmitters in a loop should not exceed 8 pcs. for normal
transmitters and 2 pcs. for Ex ia version transmitters. Remote programming of the transmitters and downloading of the parameters and measured data is possible using the
MultiCONT. The various outputs such as 4 … 20 mA, relays and digital outputs can be controlled using measured values and new values calculated from the measured values.
The internal current outputs (max. 2 pcs.) of the MultiCONTcan transfer and even modify information supplied by the transmitters. The built-in relays (max. 5 pcs.) can be
freely programmed and assigned to the transmitters. If a system contains more transmitters than one MultiCONTcan handle, further MultiCONTunits can be organised in
chain via RS485 interface. The large dot-matrix display allows visualisation of a wide range of informative display functions. One special feature is the "Echo-Map"
visualisation when communicating with NIVELCO's EchoTREK and EasyTREK transmitters 


  • As a Universal Process Controller provides for a flexible solution for commissioning a process control system consisting of any HART-based intelligent (level, temperature or pressure) transmitters
  • Galvanically isolated 4...20 mA outputs for transmitters
  • 1 to 15 (standard) or 1 to 4 (Ex ia) channels
  • Highly informative large display
  • ntrinsically safe version
  • Simple 6-button programming
  • Trend logging into internal memory or SD memory card
  • USB connector for downloading data from internal FLASH memory
  • Expanding with Universal Interface Modules via RS 485 line
  • Echo Map for EchoTREK and EasyTREK ultrasonic transmitters