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Hot Tap Insertion - Heavy Duty

With over 100 years of combined CNC machining experience our solid stainless steel vortex element has no pins, screws or gaskets of any kind. The bluff body and tail piece are CNC machined from the body of the element. Since there are no holes to clog and no moving parts, there are no mechanical limitations due to frequency or velocities. Our machined elements will never wear or move out of place, giving the same steady frequency from the first day to year thirty.

Each HTIV comes with its own seal assembly that rides along the shaft of the insertion bar. This stainless steel seal assembly has a 1 ½" NPT connection for easy connect and disconnect with any valve, thread-o-let or any ANSI class flange. The HTIV can be installed or removed during flow with our insertion tool assisting the installer during high pressure applications.

All parts of our HTIV are CNC machined from solid bar stock, press fit and welded together. This design eliminates all possibilities of process fluid ever leaking up through the bar and into the electronics housing.

Every HTIV has a Safety Stop CNC machined into the insertion bar. The Safety Stop will never allow the insertion bar to come completely out of the pipe assembly. The safety stop makes it impossible for the bar to come out of the seal assembly and leak process. The Safety Stop eliminates the need for long chains or cables to dangle from the insertion bar that can corrode or come loose over time.

The HTIV utilizes one of the smallest holes for insertion type flow meters. Since this unit is hot-tappable, there is no need for a costly shut down. In order to keep our costs competitive and our meters light weight and streamlined, the insertion tool is a separately purchased item and can be used on many different installations. In the end the overall price of our HTIV meter is not affected by hot-taping requirements.

All mechanical assemblies on the insertion bar are press fit and welded construction. There are absolutely no o-rings or compression seals in our element design which allows the HTIV to stand up to and measure almost all fluid types.

If for any reason the insertion bar is damaged, it can be easily removed and replaced. The HTIV can measure in line sizes 2 inches to 48 inches in diameter making it a good meter to standardize since one spare HTIV fits many line sizes and almost all fluid types.

The unique design of the HTIV can be used in STEAM, GAS or LIQUID lines. The same HTIV design can measure water as low as 1.2 feet per second and natural gas and super heated steam in excess of 250 feet per second.

The HTIV has no moving or wearing parts making certain that the K Factor, pulses per foot – per second, will not change over time and long term accuracy is always constant. This allows all of our insertion instruments to achieve an accuracy of 1% of reading with .25% repeatability.



  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Ex-proof enclosure standard
  • Large holding nut
  • Safety pin
  • Alignment mounting assembly