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Over 30 years of experience has gone into our meter body. The meter body is machined out of one piece of solid stainless steel stock. There are no o-rings or graph oil seals to ware, fail or leak. The internals of the meter body have no holes to clog or edges to collect dirt or bacteria and there are of course, no moving parts.

The element is machined into the body of the meter and its position is permanent and accurate. There are no pins holding in the element which can corrode or move. By machining the element into the body of the meter allowed for a more creative element and tail design. There are radiuses on all points between the element and the meter body which produces a more uniform signal with a high degree of accuracy.

Our dual sensor technology produces two independent vortex signals which allows for signal amplification and common mode noise reduction. Our sensors never touch the process fluid. Our crystal sensors are bonded to a stainless steel wall. The electronics pick up the slightest pressure pulsations through the stainless steel wall generated by the vortices. This design allows our meters to have an extremely low turn down while maintaining an almost unlimited upper end with a high pressure rating.

This profile is designed for installations to fit between two flanges. Because of its light weight and flange spacing requirements the vortex plate makes it easy for the installer. Because of the thin body the bolt lengths are shorter which allows for a better alignment of flanges and tighter leak free installations. An arrow showing the direction of the flow is machined into the body, which tells the installer the direction in which the meter needs to be installed



  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Ex-proof enclosure standard
  • No leak paths
  • Machined radiuses enhance signal quality
  • Dual sensor technology
  • Microtel Smart TX –